Rubber Shoes

Rubber Shoes are shoes that include rubber as a material while making them. Rubber shoes are pretty sturdy and help weather many a storm. The rubber used for making shoes, shoe soles has to be vulcanized.

Vulcanized rubber

Rubber cannot be used in its natural form to make shoes. The rubber would be sticky and soft making it unfit for use in shoes. For makingĀ Rubber Shoes more durable, we go in for vulcanized rubber. The process of vulcanization would involve addition of sulphur to the rubber to make it less sticky and more durable for use in tyres, rubber soles etc.

Rubber Shoes

The vulcanization process is irreversible and can be done by addition of Metallic Oxides, Sulphur oxides and other curatives to natural rubber in high temperature and pressure. This also helps improve the mechanical properties of rubber by providing it good heat resistance and flexibility unlike natural rubber which is brittle.

Fixing firmly to the ground

Rubber shoes provide the much needed comfort for your feet by being light and sturdy. They are the best when it comes to rainy days. Rubber shoes are sturdy and is not very smooth. The chances of slipping and falling when walking in puddles of water is remote. They are also sought after for their insulating properties. Wearing rubber shoes helps prevent electric shocks due to broken wires etc.

During rains, thunderstorms are accompanied by lightning. If there is a lightning strike while walking, the lightning passes through a person and hits the ground. On wearing rubber shoes, this is prevented as the lightning will not be able to make it through to the ground through the insulator. Lightning would be able to kill or injure people only when it passes through a person and proceeds to hit the ground.

Wearing rubber shoes for events

The problem with rubber shoes is that many people feel that they are walking shoes and cannot be worn for formal events. There are plenty of options available in the market which makeĀ Rubber Shoes more attractive. Rubber shoes with heels are now being preferred by youngsters.

Many famous brands are coming out with what they call “Mouse” shoes in many attractive colours and sizes. Seeing rubber shoes in silver, yellow and even transparent shades is making heads turn as they look completely different and trendy from the rain wear tag that rubber shoes are known for.

Equipping your shoes with Rubber-Soles

Your shoes can be made to last longer by putting a bit of rubber on them, getting them rubber-soled. This is done by applying a thin layer of rubber sole material on the bottom and it prevents wear and tear of the original shoe part and helps protect your expensive leather shoes.

Are they expensive?

Rubber shoes are cheaper when compared to other leather footwear. Due to popularity of rubber shoes throughout the world, brands like Crocs, Marc Jacobs are coming with shoes that are likeable and affordable.

With more options available, rubber shoes are here to stay.